Quality FIRST

At PC Components Europe, we prioritize quality above all else!

Our internal laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge equipment for advanced visual inspection.

Every component we supply to our customers undergoes a thorough visual analysis. Using high-resolution microscopes, we can recognize and distinguish new, used, and counterfeit components, ensuring the quality and reliability of the products we offer.

• Our laboratory technicians are IDEA certified inspectors.

•In house testing: Visual inspection, X-Ray, XRF Spectroscopy – (Decap coming in 2024)

• Technicians experienced in the correct detection of ESD humidity and sensitive devices.

• Each component is subject to a thorough inspection per IDEA Standard-1010B

• Archive photos of all inspected components dating back to 2008.

QUALITY is our foundation

We are committed to providing high quality electronic components that conform to required specifications and meet the needs of our customers. Quality control is a key element of our business and we are committed to ensuring maximum reliability at every stage of the process.

PCE has implemented the IDEA STD-1010-B standard, recognized globally as the leading standard for incoming inspections in the electronics industry. Click here to see the PCE checklist for all incoming parts.

Our continuous updating, a guarantee for our customers

In the certificates and certifications section, you can discover our qualifications and our commitment to guaranteeing high standards and safety. We strive to always rise to the challenges of the industry, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to excellence.