Our team is the force behind what we do.

Comprised of dedicated professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds, our team members are ready to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for your projects.

We understand the complexities of the electronic components industry and are experts at turning every challenge into an opportunity.

From our salespeople who provide personalized support, to our technicians who operate state-of-the-art testing machinery, every team member contributes to your success, which is also our success.

We are proud of our ability to address the industry’s concern for traceability, bridging the gap with rigorous third-party and in-house testing.

This ensures that every component you receive from us is of the highest integrity. Our dedication and expertise are the reasons why we can confidently say that when you choose PC Components Europe, you gain more than a supplier, you gain a partner committed to your success.


The principles of ISO9001 guide us and allow us to continually optimize our internal processes, offering you a quick and efficient service. Our commitment to improvement has distinguished us for years.


We firmly believe in the importance of professional competence. Our team intercepts and understands the specific challenges of your industry allowing us to provide tailor-made and highly effective solutions.


We are always looking for new opportunities to grow with you and improve our services and procedures.

Meet our team

Everything always starts from people

Annie Maples
Sylvie Guia
Sales Manager
Jolka Gjoka
Purchasing Manager


Patrizio Savone
Team leader Europe & Sales Italy
Tiziana Cino
Team Leader & Sales Italy
Marco Ranzani
Sales Italy
Rachele Messina
Sales Italy
Assane Diop
Sales Italy
Rebecca Mocanu
Sales Eastern Europe
Cristophe Siddi
Sales France
Théo Gabet
Sales France
Anniina Nieminen
Sales Finland
Johanna Kuru
Sales Finland
Sara Sahlberg
Sales Sweden


Claudia Calavaro
Purchasing team leader
Federica Morillon
Angela Tamburro
Carmen Bedetta
Nicoletta Pulerà
Vera Lanzone
Cristina Biagioni
Marta Codda


Federica Ciavarella
Daria Pieroni
Federica Di Felice
Management Secretary

Quality and logistics

Luca Martinelli
Quality & Logistics
Aliette Roux
Quality & logistics
Simone Bellini
Quality & logistics
Maurizio D'Andrea
Quality & logistics

Our Specialists Don’t Just Supply Parts, We Maximize Your Performance.